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 If U WaNNa GeT AnY GuRl, PaRt 2

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1-Care. Care for her, such as opening the door for her, giving a bouquet of flowers on special events etc.

2-Listen. Listen to what she is saying. Do not stop her while she is speaking, just listen to her.

3-Kind. Be kind, and not just to the girl you are trying to impress. A better suggestion would simply be to be a nice person.
Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.(Open a car door for her. She will appreciate it. Comfort her.
If she gets cold take your jacket and wrap it around her. Offer to carry her bag (if she's carrying one). Small acts of kindness make a big impression.

4-Be Meaningful. Mean what you say. Say things you actually MEAN about her. Example: "You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen". If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Remember, honesty really is the best policy.

5-Listen to her problems and make her feel comfortable. If she has a problem ask her if there is any way you can fix it. Then simply listen. For women in general it isn't about fixing their problems; it's about caring about how it makes them feel. Once again it can not be stressed enough that you must genuinely care, wholeheartedly. This also applies to listening. Both of these are key!

6-Hold her hand. It will make her feel secure and cared about. Hug her it will make her feel safe and cared about. It's all about security. This can not be faked. You must genuinely care.

7-Don't be nervous!

8-Some girls might think you are too close to her when you wrap your jacket around her.

9-Not all girls like the same thing! Be careful and watch her reactions.

10-This guide is less for those who are trying to be friendly and more for those who wish to express romantic interest.

KeeP GoInG

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If U WaNNa GeT AnY GuRl, PaRt 2
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